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The Online coachings are dedicated to amateurs and advanced photographers that want to learn or improve their skills to

reach the maximum level in Photography and post processing in Photoshop or Lightroom.


Online forums, photo sharing sites and social media groups can be great for the odd tip or interaction with the pro's in the

industrie, but getting dedicated assistance with you unique pet photography shooting and editing challenges can sometimes be a big challenge!


• Online Image Critique


You have probably thrown a photo up on Facebook and asked for a constructive critiqeu, The question is, who exactly is

providing the evaluation, and how qualified are they to provide you the best analysis possible?

It doesn't matter if you are a shutterbug, picture-taker or full blown professional pet photographer. When you've grown tired

of hearing the same repeated opinions or surface level comments, maybe it's time to take things to the next step.

I believe in gentle but honest constructive criticism.


• Online Basic Dog Photography


The online basic Dog Photography workshop is the optimal step for any beginning photographer.

Through a purposeful and practical orientation approach,you will leave '' automatic '' and ''snapshot '' photography behind you forever!

You will learn where to start when making the photograph, the logic behind certain choices, how to make the right decisions

and how to make these decisions in a correct order.


• Online Photoshop Workshop


This online photoshop course is not a basic course, it is much more than that, I will teach you how to edit digital images in a

beautiful  fairytale setting. This course is very handy : even students who have been using photoshop for a longer time, appreciate it a lot and learn things they never knew.

During this photoshop course you learn how to use this very extended application, at the end of the course you will be able to edit and correct your own iamges and turn them to beautiful fairytales!


As a professional award winning dog photographer, it's important to keep developing yourself and your skils, some fine new lenses or a new camera is important and nessesary to make images of a good quality, but in the end it's not the camera but it's the photographer behind the camera!


a workshop or a online mentoring session is a good investment in yourself!


Every online session is customizable depending on your level and needs, I will help you to bring your pet photography to a higher level... all my onine workshops and metoring session  are with a live video call and live streaming of Photoshop or Lightroom!


If you like to receive more information about my live online sessions please feel free to send me a email on what you like

to learn from me.



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